Building Lasting Relationships Through Quality Construction

Progressive Contracting Company has been providing valuable, relationship-based construction services since 1992.  We pride ourselves on managing and delivering completed commercial construction projects on time and within budget with a team-build approach.

Our dedication to both clients and projects is evident in our portfolio of work.  The compelling experience our project owners have had with the delivery of our pre-construction, construction management, and value engineering services has forged ongoing owner/contractor relationships and affirmed repeat business.  Each project is not just a “job,” we are driven by building relationships.

Established in Maryland in 1992, Progressive Contracting Company’s headquarters are now in Sanford, NC.  We service the Triangle, Piedmont, and Southern Pines regions of North Carolina. We have completed innovative projects ranging in scope from ground-up construction to fit-outs to historical renovations, entailing budgets from $100K – multi-million.

Progressive Contracting Company’s strong moral compass, effective organizational processes, on-time project delivery, and client satisfaction are why Progressive Contracting Company has been supporting the construction industry for over 30 years.

Why Work With PCCI

We are passionate about tackling challenging projects, providing organization, planning, and open communication with our construction partners.  Our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients begins by combining organized, detailed information with a team-build approach. This combination is applied throughout the commercial construction project lifecycle.  We are givers of information and are committed to the full engagement of our clients.

PCCI's tools that incorporate the owner into the construction process include:

Detailed Project Status Reports (PSRs) are utilized in bi-monthly meetings between owners, architects, and contractors.
Our project scheduling system identifies milestones while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing construction activities.
Comprehensive and detailed cost estimates for every project.
Meticulous project planning and reporting allow project owners to make informed decisions.

Our tools not only bring the owners into the process, they also keep Progressive Contracting Company organized and accountable. Effective and prompt communication with the project owner results in timely, on-budget project completion. Progressive Contracting Company brings value to every project!

Are You Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Philosophy

Our due diligence in project planning and execution and our commitment to building trust with our clients continue to be our guiding philosophy behind every project we complete.  Progressive Contracting Company is a client-centric contractor.

Our primary goal is to provide outstanding service and quality to every client at an affordable price.  We also understand that being flexible is an essential element of every project.  Progressive Contracting Company works within a customer’s plans.  We do not make our customers work within standard construction practices.

Being flexible, responsive, and adding value to each project are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.   Our team of project managers and superintendents bring years of experience and dedication to applying Progressive Contracting Company’s corporate philosophy to each project we construct.

Progressive Contracting Company is loyal and responsible.  We do the right thing for the project and our team members.

Our Team Approach

Progressive Contracting Company prides itself on being a project team member from project inception to completion.  We believe the key to a successful project begins early with open and balanced communication from all team members, including owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors.   Progressive Contracting Company will engage all parties in developing, maintaining, and implementing a project construction schedule and budget.

The project managers and assistant project managers utilize a bi-monthly Project Status Report (PSR) to complete construction project objectives.  The PSR is a potent tool that documents and organizes all the issues, challenges, submittals, accomplishments, and milestones necessary to complete a successful project.  Progressive Contracting Company’s project scheduling system is used in conjunction with the PSR.  The project schedule and the PSR have been updated and modified.  Our comprehensive scheduling program identifies the commercial construction project’s path and allows for flexibility to adapt to constantly changing construction activities.

The team management approach ensures delivering successful projects and client satisfaction.