Construction Management From Conception to Completion

Planning during pre-construction is essential to a successful project.  We work closely with our customers to develop scopes of work that become completed projects.

Progressive Contracting Company’s goal is always to bring value to a project.  As project team members, we provide construction protocol expertise, engineering proficiency, and supply chain insight early in the design process to promote a successful construction project.  Our comprehensive project assessment and scheduling identifies a project path, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to constantly changing construction activities and conditions.

Planning a Construction Project

As part of the pre-construction, our goal is to work within our customers’ plans, not to make our customers work within standard construction practices.  Value engineering is applied throughout the project, not just in the planning phase.

From working with a broad spectrum of industries for over 30 years, we know there is more than one way to complete a construction project.  And because we stay abreast of the newest technologies, we apply state-of-the-art solutions to our projects and produce quality outcomes within time constraints and predetermined budgets.

Working with various industries allows us to stay on the cutting edge of construction technology and building requirements.  At Progressive Contracting Company, we have a creative mindset but never forego tried and true methodologies and processes. We ensure the accurate preservation of a historical site or meet a client’s need for function, affordability, and design.

Pre-Construction Steps

Progressive Contracting Company assists the Owner in evaluating all aspects of a project and making decisions before construction begins.  Our planning meetings incorporate input gathered from all the team players and stakeholders.

Progressive Contracting Company bridges the gap between architectural drawings, construction plans, and the start of physical construction by providing the following pre-construction services:

Reviewing conceptual designs and specifications and providing due diligence in risk analysis
Surveying the site to ensure maximized value
Developing a preliminary construction budget based on drawings and subcontractor input
Establishing a critical path schedule for the entire project
Contributing expertise in the selection of construction materials, building systems, and equipment
Ensuring all team members are on the same page and all responsibilities are assigned

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